June 2019 GTC currently working on 6 new Fire Stations

May 2019 GTC Breaks Ground on Swallows Charter Academy

Feb 2019 GTC Names 2018 Subcontractors of the Year

Aug 2018 GTC Hits Two Milestones with First Responder Projects

Feb 2018 GTC Helps BCH expand into Erie

April 2017 Rupes makes 4 projects in CTC

May 2017 GTC Awarded ASAC award...AGAIN

May 2017 GTC Celebrates 40 years!

Dec 2016 GTC South Moves to Meridan

Sep 2016 Littleton Fire Station Opens and Avalanche Harley Gets Started

Jul 2016 Ben Franklin - A Ground Breaking Addition

Jul 2016 GTC Breaks Ground on AIMS Greeley

Jul 2016 GTC Gets Back to Back Senior Centers - One Starts, One Finishes

May 2016 AIMS PSI Complete, AIMS Greeley Getting Started

Apr 2016 Micron Wins Project of the Year

Feb 2016 Little Fire Station No. 19 Breaks Ground

Jan 2016 GTC Cuts the ribbon on the AIMS Community College PSI Campus in Windsor

Dec 2015 GTC announces completion of (5) Parks & Recreation Projects in 2015

Feb 2015   GTC on Target for the Start of Five-Year Vision in Commerce City

June 2013  GTC Completes Projects from Denver to Kersey

Apr 2013  GTC Receives "General Contractor of the Year" Award from the ASAC

Sept 2012   GTC Celebrates 35 Years of Business

June 2012  Denver Animal Shelter Achieves LEED Platinum Certification

Mar 2012  GTC and Regis University Celebrate Topping Out of Clarke Hall

Sept 2011  GTC Begins Work on Four New Projects in S. Colorado

July 2011  GTC Completes Construction on New Animal Shelter in Denver

Apr 2011  Long Anticipated Pool at Loveland High School Completed

Mar 2011  GTC Begins Construction of Cultural Centerpiece in Downtown Loveland

Feb 2011  New Transit Center is a Model for Green Building

July 2010  GTC Completes Two New Fire Stations in Lakewood

May 2010   GTC Starts Work on Another Salud Family Health Clinic

April 2010  GTC Begins Construction on a New Animal Shelter in Denver

Nov 2009  GTC Receives "General Contractor of the Year" Award from the ASAC

Sept 2009  GTC Completes Project at Southern Hills Middle School in Time for the New School Year

Sept 2009  GTC Builds a New Special Needs School Designed to Increase Student Success Rates

July 2009  GTC Begins Work on Another Energy-Efficient School in Thompson School District

July 2009  GTC Begins Work on Two Lakewood Fire Stations

June 2009  Three GTC Project Managers Achieve LEED Accreditation

May 2009  GTC Completes a New Festival Plaza in Lafayette

May 2009  GTC Continues to Help Local Schools "Go Green

April 2009  GTC Begins Work on Another Douglas County School Project

April 2009  GTC Awarded Historic School Projects in Boulder Valley

Mar 2009  GTC Begins Work on a New Tiger Field for East Otero School District

Mar 2009  GTC's 1000th Project