rice elementary school


Size: 66,864 SF 

Completion:  APRIL 2008

Delivery:  HARD BID



This was a new 63,000 square-foot, partial two-story elementary school designed by RB+B Architects, Inc.  Sustainability, system performance and use of day lighting were incorporated into this project.

Rice was the third prototype for Poudre Valley School District, redesigned with higher clerestories above the stairwells and metal panels to reflect the agricultural ambiance of the area. Also, metal solar panels were chosen instead of the perforated metal at the previous prototype elementary schools.

Sustainable elements for this project include the following:

  • Sustainable Site: 30% of site maintained as natural habitat and open space, landscaped with native plantings, disturbed areas re-seeded with native grass seed
  • Water Efficiency: No permanent irrigation of native grass areas (approx. 40% of site), reduced irrigation due to native plantings, motion-sensor faucets
  • Energy Efficiency: High-efficiency HVAC equipment, building energy modeling maximized systems’ designed efficiency, commissioning maximized efficiency and performance of built systems, automated systems controls and measurement of performance maintains efficient performance of HVAC/lighting systems, electric energy purchased from wind turbine power plants in the region, natural lighting used to reduce fixture loads, high-efficiency glazing to reduce heat gain, exterior solar shading manages heat gain
  • Materials & Resources: Construction waste recycling diverted 73% of waste from landfills, recycled-content finish materials used for flooring, wall treatments and insulation
  • Indoor Environmental Quality: Clearstory windows increased natural lighting in classrooms, exterior solar shading manages heat gain while allowing day-lighting, operable windows allow increased amounts of outdoor air and ventilation, smart HVAC controls allow increased individual control, low-VOC paint, low-VOC carpet and roofing adhesives, low-VOC masonry sealants reduced indoor air pollution and off-gassing