Size: 25,592 SF (new)

Size: 89,284 SF (renovation)

Completion:  AUGUST 2009

Delivery:  HARD BID



A 25,592 SF school gymnasium / classroom addition and 89,284 SF remodel on 1.5 acres.

  • Sustainable Site: Landscaped areas restored to native grasses / habitat, landscape demo reduced by 50% from original design.
  • Water Efficiency: No permanent irrigation of native grass areas (approximately 50% of site), motion-sensor faucets.
  • Energy Efficiency: High-efficiency heating equipment, no air conditioning, automated systems controls and measurement of performance utilized to maintain design performance of HVAC / lighting systems.
  • Materials & Resources: Construction waste recycling diverted 50% of waste from landfills, reused existing building.
  • Indoor Environmental Quality: Increased amounts of outdoor air and ventilation via operable windows, monitoring of CO2 levels.