BOULDER MUNICIPAL BUILDING  -  Replacement of site utilities, concrete flat work, artistic pillars and front entry.


LONGMONT MUSEUM FACILITY STORAGE -  Remodel and renovation of an existing building


CU DENVER HEALTH SERVICES CENTER (PH.2) -  7,356 SF addition to the health and safety waste processing facility.


METRO WASTEWATER RECLAMATION -  Water intrusion repairs and re-roofing to three buildings (office, lab and equipment room) totaling 95,785SF.  Site occupied and running while under construction.


DOUGLAS COUNTY JUSTICE CENTER - CANOPY - Addition of a metal canopy structure to the main entry of the Douglas County Justice Center.


LES FRONT RANGE GENERATION FACILITY -  The construction of a two-engine landfill gas-to-energy facility.  The 2,930 SF building is constructed with split face pigmented block.


CANYON CITY ARMORY RENOVATION -  Renovation and upgrade of building systems in the existing 14,500 SF armory, including replacement of existing HVAC system, new fire alarm, upgrades to electrical and sanitary sewer systems.